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Model No.:  LMV520

Product Description

Model NO.: LMV520 Working Width: 2300mm Voltage: 380V Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000 Customized: Customized Trademark: ZGL Automatic Grade: Automatic Material: Steel Load Capacity: >2000kg Warranty: 1 Year Condition: New Origin: China  TYPE
LMV520 Belt Type Embossing Machine

ParameterEmbossing Machine
Parameter: useage: suitable for various types blanket embossing dimensions:6800×2800×3000mm Belt speed :0-40m/min Continuously adjustable Compressed air:0.6Mpa Working temperature:200ºC-230ºC Power:AC380V Maximum current:80A Total power:  40KW Total weight:  4000kg  
Belt Type Embossing Machine   


 The LMV520 Belt embossing machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth running, accurate positioning, simple operation, high production efficiency, suitable for all kinds of blankets, embossing processing, especially suitable for the finished blanket embossing. This machine provides single embossing operation or continuous embossing operation, can also provide traditional full manual embossing operation.

CAUTION : when the machine is running , do not put hand into the embossing plate below and all moving parts.
Useage :
This machine is suitable for embossing blanket, blanket increase appearance. Blanket after embossing processing, pattern clear appearance, does not destroy the original soft blanket and feel comfort.
Main technical features: The maximum width of the blanket  2200MM Install the board to ensure the effective size is:   1900X2100MM the maximum size of the blanket:2.2MX2.5M Embossing temperature adjustable  less than 250ºC Embossing time:1-60 seconds can be adjusted continuously Pressing plate interval:0-8000MM adjusted continuously the blanket speed of 60 - 0 m / min continuous adjustable automatically correction Laminated blanket feeding Laminated blanket out ,stacking no more than 1 meters input voltage: three-phase four wire 380V, total power 45KW. Input air pressure:0.5-0.7MP Machine structure:
The machine mainly with a  automatic correction device, the belt feeding device, embossing machine, servo positioning device, blanket folder and fan radiating device .
Equipment installation and commissioning
The equipment is combination installation, belt driving frame, embossing bench, belt extending frame conduction band, tight frame, automatic correction frame, folder frame. Equipment before assembling, the embossing machine table with a horizontal tube adjustment in the same horizontal plane, four horizontal angle error is less than 5mm, the combination equipment installation is complete to each part of the working table is kept in the same plane. Check and tighten the fastening screws. Then adjust belt of the two side of the slide bearing lead screw, so that the belt to keep the degree of reasonable tension. According to the requirements of the power supply, switched on, adjustment of belt proper elasticity, makes the conduction operation in the middle of embossing machine, ensure that no deviation.
This manual must be read carefully before the operation of the machine..
Operator button description:
    This device operation can be operated by the touch screen or in the machine side control panel operation, the conversion of the two by conversion of the side panel before and after conversion switch.
Touch screen operation: Power indicator: this light shows that the control part of the machine power supply has been on, and the touch screen should be lit to display the running picture... Emergency stop button: this button is used as an emergency stop, press the button, the machine control part of the power supply all disconnected Operation panel: (touch screen)     Heating start / heating off button: the button controls the heating of the device. The heating state is displayed in real time on the button.
    Fan start / off button (fan for selection)
     belt forward / back :Flower box in a rising state, press the button time in 0.5---2 seconds (time adjustable) conduction speed for manual setting speed, over a set time and speed before the conduction band for automatic running speed. The flower box embossed falls, the button is invalid.
    Stop button: press button, stop walking belt, embossing, press the button, to stop the embossing, flower box rises.
 Start button: press the button, the boot device, embossing tape first, after.
     Single / continuous function button: display the single, complete a boot device embossed with tape.. When continuous function, the machine is working continuously until the press stop button or the  emergency stop button is pressed.
   Embossing button: 
   press this button to complete an embossing operation. Click on the box can be set from the digital embossing plate embossed plate spacing (also use the change button to adjust)
parameter setting
    Set manually embossing temperature, manually belt foward speed, manual back belt speed, automatic belt speed, pressing time. Press plate count clear.
   Delay press plate time (a minimum of 0 seconds), delay press plate time (minimum of 2 seconds) (automatic embossing effective)
side control board operation feed belt button: function same to the touch screen belt back: function same to the touch screen embossing / start button: function knob in the manual position, press the button for separate embossing. In the other position to start the embossing procedure.  the transfer of control knob  STOP button Single manual \continuous button Note: machine operation no matter in the touch screen or machine side panel control , the stop button are effective control.
Operation : First to determine the distance of each embossing blanket surface machine before operation. Determine plate embossing, continuous pattern or per plate embossing (the distance between the second embossing) input embossing plate spacing to the dashboard controller Single embossing operation procedures: Function button is selected in a single position.
Press the start button, the machine starts the embossing operation, embossing machine automatically completed, belt go to set length stop. adjust the conduction band to the appropriate position of the conduction band at the right time.
Repeat the above operation, the machine will perform automatic feed to the specified length after the first embossing stop.
3,Continuous embossing procedure:
Function button is selected in continuous position.
Press the start button, the machine will begin to run automatically, first starting the machine execution begins: embossing, feeding, embossing, feeding, until the stop button is pressed or emergency stop button so far. The machine stops working.
4,Embossing operation manual
press the stop button,  embossing operation manual. Press the feed button to start the machine to take the button when the fabric is positioned. Press the button to start an embossing and embossing operation.
5, The first plate embossing need using manual positioning, according to forward and back button to set cloth to the right location, the function button in single or continuous on, press the start switch. The machine running.
6,Automatic embossing operation the deviation of the position, can adjust the embossing interval parameters. To make  embossing positioning accuracy. Adjust the number directly by clicking the input box, or by clicking the change button below the input box.
     Operation of automatic correction device
          1,This correction devices provides automatic and manual. When the knob on the manual position, can press the button on the left and right shift machine to make the cloth around offset
          2,Automatic position of the knob, machine according to the feeding situation automatic adjustment of roll angle, the cloth is running in the middle position or with intermediate with a fixed offset (offset size is determined by the shift knob).
         3,There are some restrictions for the deviation of the correction device, fabric at the middle device, and the material is placed in the middle position of the middle shelf and the deviation is less than 20 cm..
         4,When the fabric into the device, the fabric has been biased to one side, at this time that the position of the fabric stacking is not correct. Move the fabric in the opposite direction until it is normal for work.
 Replacement flower plate side of the rotating machine version change operation knob to change the board position. At this time equipment embossing and go with control system of the power supply is cut off. the cylinder up / drop knob switch to the position, this time the press plate falls. the cylinder head fastening nut  the cylinder up / drop knob switch to the position of the rise, at this time the cylinder shaft, out of the laminate box. Note: four cylinder shaft nut must be unloaded for this operation, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. the four cylinder block above three screws are unloaded, the cylinder turned out. press the up button flower box, flower box rises, rise to the desired position, the safety lock button. replace the required flower plate.    Caution: no punch in the heating zone of the electric heating tube. Release the safety. Press the flower frame down button, and the flower box falls to the right place.. turn the four cylinder to the original position, and then screw the top of the above three screws. Rotate up\drop knob, check the cylinder axis and flower holes of the frame of, if there is deviation, with a crowbar slight movement of the flower box, the cylinder axis with the slot of positive, then add the gasket and tighten the nuts. Shift running knob to run the position.         Notesthe temperature of the flower plate, the board is strictly prohibited directly on the conduction band. In case of stop or shutdown operation, the pad shall be used to prevent the falling from the flower plate to belt. 2,Before the operation, the equipment is checked to have the object (whether the support is not removed), and to prevent the deformation of the plate when the flower plate is pressed..
3,In addition to the conduction band on the table outside the embossing, prohibite heavy direct pressure on the suspended conduction band.
4,  In the production process, the use of the conduction band drag blanket is prohibited.
1, Shallow embossed pattern: check the heating temperature and time of embossing
2,Embossing is not uniform: this reason is because of the flower plate and the bottom plate distance changes caused by, adjust the heating plate of the adjusting nut, the flower plate and the bottom plate with even distance.
3,Forward or lateral (export) direction has a embossing effect is not good: whether the damage inspection of heating pipe. Embossing positioning deviation: cloth feeding end if the resistance is too large? The resistance conference caused the tension of raw material is uneven, causing the positioning uncertainty. The device uses a servo motor to locate the error less than a millimeter. If the resistance of the inlet is too large, the blanket and the conduction band will be sliding, and the error can be caused.. the fabric on the belt deviation is big: first check the raw material stacking position is correct (raw material stacking position see correct operation of the deviation). The correction only suitable for folding cloth input, not suitable for playing cloth and cloth. If you need fabric offset to one, you can adjust the corection knob. Coiling doesn't work or do not stop (no tension winding type): the coiling and go with synchronous operation (with 0.5 seconds delay) and the use of the photoelectric dual control, winding by automatic control, automatic stop band with a certain delay time (0.5---6 seconds is adjustable), to ensure that after each run to cloth can coiling is completed.when the material reaches the upper limit (bar), automatic stop winding. If there are obstacles between the photoelectric barrier, will cause the stop work (the device mistakenly thought the fabric has reached the upper limit), if the photoelectric damage, will cause the upper limit bit when the volume is not stopped.     When the equipment is running, electric cabinet flower box lifting button as winding and button (used as a blanket to refueling operation)
  the machine embossing not working : please check embossing time is 0, the heating temperature is beyond the set temperature (30 degrees) or heating fault display. If normal check the embossing embossing time, output relay and electromagnetic valve is normal. Belt does not go: first confirm has power, go with speed to 0. The control switch to touch screen control, click the exit button, if it doesn't go with (if you run that second side control button switch has a problem, please replace), please open the distribution box door, view displayed on the servo driver code, the normal display RUN. Otherwise the drive failure (specific code reference), disconnect the drive power, to be displayed after the disappearance of the characters and then re - power. At this point the fault can be reset.Belt when the starting or stopping the vibration, then please check the screw on the reducer fixed base is loose. Check the operating speed is too high, the equipment limit working speed of 60 meters / min. At this speed, the work will produce a vibration sound, and will also reduce the life of the equipment. Recommended working speed of 40-50 meters / minute.            Equipment maintenance
1,  After the installation of the equipment for one month, the fastening screws of each part should be checked and there are no loose and displaced, and there are abnormal fasteners.. Check the drive motor and the reducer connected to the case, the assembly of the motor speed of the beat deviation damage motor and reducer. Inspection of reducer, and the belt driven roller is connected with no abnormal (with or without displacement, loose and different axis), such as the discovery of reducer and drive different stick shafts should be adjusted in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft or motor damage.
             Check the chain tension, not too loose and tight. The first installation of the equipment should check the conduction band after a month, the conduction band is stable and generally do not need to adjust.  equipment every six months for a comprehensive inspection: check the motor and reducer with or without damage and wear, the suitability of the tightness of the chain, screw loosening, the bearing damage, conduction band tightness, without deviation. the reducer refueling yearly   

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